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Hi, how are you? I guess great! It’s been a beautiful day so far. I also assume your day has been nothing but excellent and I am more than happy to have you here on my page so “Welcome!”.

My name is Rares, Rares Ion (I had to play with that line, I couldn’t help myself) and I am Transylvania Wedding Photographer, a loving husband and father, a friend, a traveler and a wedding storyteller. I was born in the beautiful city of Cluj-Napoca, and I cannot imagine myself living anywhere else (if you haven’t visited this city by now, you should definitely do so – you will be in love as quickly as I capture my stories on camera). 

Since 2011, I began the journey as a Transylvania Wedding Photographer which had been exciting, fun and educative all the way, thanks to my existing and prospective clients so far who had made it a worthwhile experience. This unique experience has taken me to many interesting places in my country as well, but also in other cities in Europe. You can see my journey by exploring the stories page (you will not be disappointed).


Recent Stories

Wherever I May Roam

My passion and zeal for photography can’t be overemphasized with just words but with images, showing unique moments captured in Paris, Barcelona, RomeMunich, Stockholm and many other places in Europe that I am very proud of and hopefully, they will get you inspired as well. Daily, I get more equipped with ideas and creativity on how to be better than my yesterday; this keeps me on my toes and makes me want to improve much more, just for the satisfaction and joy-expression faces on my clients. It’s just priceless.

Back in those days of hiring the services of a local photographer within a particular region, but gone are those days now, when a local photographer is called upon to take shots of a particular wedding in the locality. Now, modern days has brought about inviting of distant photographers from a far country to help capture the occasion. This is because traveling expenses aren’t as expensive as before. So, it’s easier and cheaper to roam the world just for wedding photoshoots of a far distant country. Although, several couples might be of the opinion of not going through such stress, as a modern Transylvania wedding photographer, have made it a call to tour the world and put smiles on couples faces and help take off those stress and replace it with an exceptionally grand occasion.

A Professional Photographer

When photography meets with unique landscape and beautiful people, creativity is bound to knock on the brain doors. As a Transylvania wedding photographer, I am willing to travel across the globe, meet new people, experience new cultures and observe new sceneries. Those days of being limited to a city to create stories are far gone; the era of visiting new places has arrived and bound to last for aeon a time.

So, if you like my vision and find a connection with what you would want for your special day, do not hesitate and contact me so that we can create something especially for you. I bring life to any image captured, and this tells a lot of stories in the years to come. You can go through my various wedding portfolios. I am so grateful that more than 30 of my weddings were published on wedding blogs around the world.

Love this write up, and in need of my services in Europe or any part of the world? Or you have gone through my wedding stories and loved my work and need something similar? Think and look no further, communicate with me by contacting me, it will be my absolute pleasure to give you a unique photography experience.

So, thank you for being here, and I can’t wait to meet you and capture your story!