Barcelona Pre Wedding Photographer – Patrizia & Onassis

What ingredients do you need to create a genuine story about people finding and cherishing love? A man, a woman, and a Barcelona wedding photographer. Today it gives me great pleasure to present to you one of most inspiring love stories I have ever come across. Where may you ask? Simple, in Spain.

My First Journey to Spain 

This was my first trip to Spain as a Barcelona Wedding Photographer. I was excited and nervous at the same time feeling overwhelmed by this new opportunity coming my way. I felt irrevocably in love with Spain from the very moment my feet touched its ground. There is something so special about this country that it would take me for days to explain. The culture, the people, the beautiful mixture of architecture and colors, all play an important part in differentiating this beautiful place in the world from others I’ve seen. In my mind, I knew I had to pull myself together as I was overwhelmed by the new places I saw but still remember the main reason I was there. And that reason was the beautiful Patrizia and her husband to be Onassis. Two people from entirely different worlds that found the perfect place for living their genuine love story.

The Protagonists

Despite living in the 21st century having all the freedom and possibilities at our fingers, there are still some misconceptions that some people all over the world cannot cross. I am referring to people’s race and the way some of them see couples from different races finding their way together. 

Patrizia is a makeup artist from Germany and Onassis was born in Togo, West Africa. They are surely not the only couple in the world that had to deal with other people’s misconceptions but are incredibly inspiring for me as a Barcelona wedding photographer due to their love and power to fight for their beliefs. And what is even more incredible is the message they portrayed during our dual session. Their voice was so intense and the result so compelling that I am confident it will inspire you to fight for what you love as well.

Dual Session – Creating Stories as a Barcelona Wedding Photographer

We started our journey in El Born South area looking for the perfect light and silently inviting passers-by to join our story. Maybe you heard this before from various creators, and it is impossible not to join the club by saying that I do love my job. I love working with people and for people. I tirelessly search for inspiration that people send forth me because my work is always about people and real stories that push all boundaries and inspire. So, there you have it, a fresh dual session filled with moments and people like you and me creating a memory, an actual photographic art.

The Most Inspiring Place

Towards the end of our session, we approached the Kiss of Freedom Mural, a place full of life lessons for many generations to come. I was left speechless, surrendering before such a piece of art created in 2014 by Joan Fontcuberta as part of Barcelona’s Tricentenary celebration commemorating the fall of Barcelona during The War of The Spanish Succession. This photo mosaic was created using images of residents asked to give one picture that would portray a moment of freedom. I knew that in that particular place the story of Patrizia and Onassis would create the loudest echo. There is where they found confirmation of how free and beautiful their story is.

So now it’s time for you to put on your seatbelts and dive into one of the most beautiful dual sessions I have ever created and also you should take a look at another Barcelona Love Story my camera lenses captured not long ago.

If you want to get to know me better, learn about my journey as a Barcelona Wedding Photographer and my vision for capturing the true essence of any story, let’s get in touch.