Barn Wedding Romania

When I think of a barn wedding Romania, one word comes to mind: hygge. Hygge is regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture and it means „a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being”

Everything that’s cozy is hygge, and the Hadar Chalet wedding was able to showcase this perfectly: diffused light, candles placed in every little corner, all the people you love gathered in one place, a cozy atmosphere, campfire; all framed by a beautiful rustic setting. This Romania destination wedding had it all.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to photograph a wedding in a unique location. A mountain wedding that takes place in a remote location (more so, in a barn) is not an ideal choice for conventional couples. It’s definitely not the right place for those who have a panic attack every time their phone signal goes bad.

Hadar Chalet Wedding was a perfect blend between nature and luxury

Any location, no matter how strikingly beautiful it may be, is nothing without the people that fill it. Once everyone has gathered, the whole place became full of life. And I kid you not, everyone stood out on the dance floor! 

The Hadar Chalet wedding was about people who can have a good time and express their joy casually and unapologetically. People dressed to the nines, who are not afraid to escape the mundane every now and then.

Although I was just a witness, I was caught up in all the energy and movement around me, while constantly keeping my eyes on the light. When the only light source you have comes from dimmed light bulbs, candles and from the DJs, you are forced to be more observant and hunt it the same way a lion hunts a deer. In this particular case, it was a whole herd. But I’m not one to get discouraged or turn down a challenge.

When the night came, „the moon with her fiery crown of crimson deep” (as a famous romanian poet once said), although hauntingly beautiful, did not distract me from the lights that really matter. I had a mission and I was going to honor it. And you can see the results in my photos: Hadar Chalet wedding, seen through my eyes!

Outdoor | Barn Wedding Romania

You might say that an outdoor wedding with a barn is not extravagant at all, but you would be wrong. The contrast between the wooden ceilings and the flashy chandelier can bring a special charm. Rustic meets elegance in a combination that suits all the guests – those who love outdoor activities and campfires, as well as those who prefer the comfort of their house. The best of both worlds.

Believe me when I say that a mountain wedding that takes place in such a unique location can get your creative juices flowing, especially when all that warm candle light follows you everywhere.

The romantic and vintage elements, together with the strikingly tall ceilings and the wood beams transformed the Hadar Chalet wedding into a real-life fairytale. Let’s not forget about the large gardens and the sweeping landscapes that surround this lovely barn. Contained nature and wild nature, together in one single location. The perfect setting for a storybook wedding.

Romania Wedding Photographer

My favorite photo was taken when the newlyweds were just entering the church. The symmetry and the timing were just perfect. Honest to God, it’s as if all the stars were aligned. If there is a God of Photography, he surely guided me that very moment. The same thing happened again when the couple had their first dance. It must have been some kind of magic.

Lastly, the couple had to cut the wedding cake. All the main characters surrounded them, as they cheered and laughed. It was easy to capture all the emotions and familiarity, as they came naturally. You could say it was “a piece of cake” (Get it?)

I’ll surely remember this special barn wedding Romania.


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