Brasov Wedding

As a wedding photographer, I travel a lot and my travels as a wedding storyteller brought me this time to Brașov on a rainy autumn day, but which gave a cinematic aspect to the light that made its presence that day. Speaking of everyone’s favorite song by Cargo, the rain stopped at one point and I really needed it because if you’ve ever attended a wedding you know it’s pretty complicated to get around in your good clothes or outfit and the make-up done for that special day. The Brasov wedding is about to begin! (Transylvanian expression 🙂 )

Brasov is a special city. A city where culture and history intertwine so beautifully that it can be compared to any similar tourist destination in Europe. Its streets seem taken from the song of the band U2 “Where the streets have no name” but with an authentic Romanian charm. In other words, they are also narrow and winding 🙂 but with increased photographic potential.

Wedding Location Brasov Transyvania

The rain came back a little later, giving a special charm to the photo shoot that we did in the Cristian area, close to the Ambient Inn, a super cool location where the reception was going to take place. But in order not to talk only about natural phenomena that are so necessary for survival on earth, I will tell you how natural, how natural it came to me to photograph this wedding because I had a genuine couple far from the rigidity that a photo session of the studio could bring it to you. I like both the authentic couples and the light and colors of autumn.

Because I am a wedding photographer attentive to details, to the experience offered and to the way the story unfolds, I will let part of the images taken on their wedding day speak for me. They are Dora and Şerban. And a cat, whose name escaped me…