Bucharest Wedding Photographer | Cristina & Dragos

When the city is too loud, the wedding dress too long and full of fluff, the rules and traditions too many you take whatever you see fit from the bunch and run somewhere else where you can find peace and quiet and enjoy the best day of your life. At least this is what Cristina and Dragos did and let me tell you – their wedding seemed like it was coming off from a romance movie that you would enjoy watching again and again just because it fills you with energy and positivity. Ok, but who are they? Here is the story signed by me, as their Bucharest Wedding Photographer.

A Bucharest Wedding With A Twist

Meeting Cristina and Dragos, I had a strange feeling that their wedding was going to be different. When talking to them and getting to know them better and their life experiences, I understood how important it was for them that their special day be as relaxed as possible. Free of conventions or unnecessary traditions, just a couple of close friends and of course their family getting together, creating a moment and having the time of their lives. And so it was, you should definitely scroll down till the end of the page to see for yourselves. 

A Special Bucharest Wedding Location

Cristina and Dragos are actually from Targoviste, and for years they have been settled in Bruxelles. However, for their wedding, Bucharest seemed the perfect place to start a new chapter in their lives. Apart from their strong personalities I had another beautiful experience working with Cristina and Dragos on their big day. I am talking about the location chosen for their event `The Wedding House`. Located someplace close to Bucharest `The Wedding House` promises another type of experience when it comes to weddings and trust me, it delivers just that. Elegant rooms with a vintage vibe, a green lawn, a cozy gazebo, fresh air, good music and tasty food, `The Wedding House` is the perfect place for a fairytale wedding. 

The wedding ceremony took place in the garden with guests sitting on fresh haystacks, letting nature be a part of their event while the wind was delicately blowing caressing their faces as if it was sending them its best wishes. Nothing too fancy or over the top. Just a bunch of friends having a good time and me, a professional wedding photographer, having the unique opportunity to capture it all on film.

Romania Wedding Photographer

I don’t know about you but, as a wedding photographer, I always get this sad feeling when beautiful reach their ending too fast. But this happens when special events such as this one flow naturally and everybody is having the time of their lives. Luckily all of these moments are now documented, and it is my pleasure to share them here on my page.

I bet you have an amazing story to tell as well and you are looking for a Romania Wedding Photographer for the job. I kindly invite you to check more incredible stories from my portfolio. If you think I have what it takes to create your unique story, I guess we both are in luck as it will be my pleasure to be your Bucharest wedding photographer on your big day. Just put me to the test, and I will do the rest!