Bucharest Wedding | Cristiana & Vlad

Remember the last time you went with your loved one to a rock music festival or concert? If you haven’t done that yet, just paint a picture: Being surrounded by free-spirited friendly people, glimmering lights and laughter. That breezy feeling and sweet enjoyment. All this, while completely surrendering to all your senses on this Bucharest Wedding.

Imagine beginning the rest of your life that way, together with your absolute favorite person.

That’s how Cris & Vlad’s (two big music festival enthusiasts) outdoor wedding was.

But before I get into more details, let’s set the mood. If you’re not a rock music afficionado, no worries. Start by putting on some music and tap your foot gently. It will grow on you, I promise!

The theme of this outdoor wedding was inspired by Woodstock Festival. If you haven’t even heard of it, that means you’ve lived under a rock until now. Prepare to be bedazzled. I present to you: Wedstock!

Bucharest Wedding

It’s pretty clear that we’re dealing with two real rock music lovers here. And let me tell you, they are the finest people (though I may be biased). Moreover, Cristiana is the member of a band. And if I wouldn’t have known that, it would not have been hard to figure it out. Everything around them gave it away.

The day started with the pre-wedding preparations, after which I took the lovebirds to a special location. All we had was a field, and VW minivan and a guitar (of course). Keepin’ it simple. But honestly, what more can you need? The registration plate on the van labelled NOI (which translates as US) was a prefect addition. Serendipidy!

Afterwards, the outdoor party began and the sensory overload was huge- in the best possible way. The stage was well put together and hosted four bands and Cristiana, who joined the scene with her red guitar. I can shamelessly say that I felt the need to move my feet, hands, anything  (don’t worry, i was fine, it’s just a natural urge of mine when I listen to good music). But I’m a professional wedding photographer and my focus stays sharp! 

This outdoor wedding was filled with DIY decorations with rock and boho influences, details inspired by the newlywed’s favorite bands, hearty food that pleased the palate, camping, vinyls, tree houses, bandanas and colorful wrist bands.

All the elements put together transported you to the ’70s and emulated the carefree and joyous festival atmosphere perfectly.

Bucharest Wedding Location

I have to say, this was no small outdoor wedding! It was full of various people, dressed in cotton attire and carrying flowers in their hair. Even if they were all so different,  it seemed that they were connected by the same love for music and freedom. That’s what’s so great about music .. it brings people together. It’s part of our identity and it follows us everywhere. From our first crush, to out first heartbreak, at every important event that takes place in our lives, good or bad. It helps us escape reality, reshape it or give it some sort of meaning. It may very well be the strongest, most valuable tool we have. It’s only natural that we place such huge value on it, so making it the main character at a wedding seems like a magnificent idea.

The fact that ALL the guests at this outdoor wedding got into the whole celebration made my heart soar. Here’s to wishing these lovely people to add more sountracks to their lives as the years pass by!

Only good vibes here!

Wedstock Bucharest Romania

Wedstock Bucharest Romania is the story of Cristiana and Vlad. We started the day in force, but we didn’t know what the evening will bring. And it was big. Cristiana is a rock’n’roll bride. She plays guitar in a rock band. They both are rock music fans. Five bands played in the wedding night. It was a real festival. We were in the same wonderful location, on The Wedding House, near Bucharest, Romania. Yes this is in Europe. It seems like the party was a real festival. We called it The Wedstock.

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