I love to shoot how it feels like, not how it looks like – My style doesn’t fits everybody, I am not doing happy happy joy joy or fairytale fashion wearing props wedding photography. It is not my style to do LOL anywhere pictures without telling a story, I’m not that kind of guy that is shooting “at my command when I am looking at you, just press the button”. I will be there to do my job and keep it simple. I believe it will be a nice experience. Please consider the schedule, if it’s too busy or very rigid, it is possible that the story will not show up as it was supposed to be. If you are really looking for traditional photography or you want a big hollywodian production wedding, I am not for you. I preffer to work with relaxed couples, enjoying their wedding, not fake posing every minute.
Even that my photography was published on wedding photography blogs and magazines, I know that you are not interested in my past photography tense, but in my ability to create in the future, on your wedding day.

Do You Shoot Formals or Portraits – It is a myth about photographers who don’t (hopefully). So, the answer is Yes. And of course, I do details and decorations, and I am there for every wedding moment.

How Many? – I deliver between 450-800 wedding photos, depending on the size, dynamics and complexity of your event, edited each one in my style/vision and I offer them in full resolution jpg format with full printing rights. However I will not limit the number of pictures you’ll get. You will receive them within 10 or 30 working days after your wedding. Shortly before the delivery, will exhibit a selection of its own online, on my wedding blog. You choose me for my vision and style as you can see on my portfolio, so if you don’t want to be featured on my page or social media and if you are not a very public person which I can understand, I hope you will choose another fellow photographer.
You can have a nice wedding day story selection on your unique wedding photo album, a minimal and simple way to remember the day in a printed 100 pages handcrafted with love on the finest soft touch matte special album paper.
Most of the weddings are booked via email 12 or 6 months before, and we spoke only around your wedding date. I really love to keep the things as simple as we can.

Where Do You Work ? – I am located in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, Romania, but so far I have photographed weddings in couple of countries since 2012. I will travel to any location in the country or abroad, I love destination weddings or photo sessions worldwide. I love any location where you will celebrate your wedding. I am more into a barn or backyard wedding or a bohemian style wedding, and I only want to tell your story.

Transport and Accommodation – all expenses related to travel and accommodation are included in the custom offer, usually I calculate distance and adapt it to transport mode and the accommodation, too using some web instruments wich helps me to find availability and the best price.  If the transportation mode permit, I arrive one day earlier; usually I try to do a location photo story on the eve of the wedding and I can wake up refreshed and focused on the wedding day. So, you will not have to take care for me 🙂 Anyway, if you have better options for travel and accommodation (such miles and points for travel and accommodation), I am fine with it.

Elopements, Before and After Wedding Sessions – yes, email me to find out my approach with this.

I am shooting a limited number of weddings every year, and sometimes happens to have 2 of them in a row (same weekend, day weddings). It goes without saying that I am shooting the wedding myself, rarely my wife is acting as second shooter.

If there is anything else to ask, feel free to do it. It is better to have all the information from me and to share the same vision and perspective about your wedding,  and take a wise decision just after everything is clear, and you know me (I am a Skype user, too). I simply know that is hard to trust someone from different culture or country, but I take that as an advantage because it will be challenging to shoot your wedding and make a real nice and unique story, your visual legacy.