Origami Wedding | Oana & Ciprian

On a Friday evening, Oana ask me to be her Wedding Photographer Bucharest Romania. On the phone almost half an hour about this important day in her life. I love the way she pictured the wedding timeline. Nice story about her dress and how she find me as her wedding photographer. The black and white origami theme was original. All the stuff was handcrafted by her and some trustful girlfriends. Ciprian is the first groom I met on a coffee right next to their church. He is a strong guy, and together they are a lovely couple. The location you may recognize is The Wedding House, a really cool boho and intimate place near Bucharest.

Origami Wedding | Oana & Ciprian

A hipster outdoor wedding is a unique and creative celebration filled with emotions and expressions, as well as one-of-a-kind DIY decorations. The bride and groom, who are trendsetters and non-conformists, have chosen to exchange their vows in an unconventional setting, surrounded by nature and the beauty of the outdoors.

The wedding ceremony is a perfect blend of vintage and modern elements, with a touch of bohemian flair. The bride is wearing a beautiful, flowing dress and a flower crown, while the groom is dressed in a stylish suit and suspenders. The guests are seated on rustic wooden benches and surrounded by wildflowers and greenery.

The reception is a feast for the senses, with a variety of food and drinks that are both delicious and visually stunning. The tables are decorated with handmade table runners and centerpieces made from recycled materials, such as mason jars filled with flowers and candlelight.

The entertainment is also unique and reflects the couple’s personal style. A live band plays indie music, while a group of acrobats performs an aerial show above the dance floor. Guests can also participate in interactive activities, such as a photo booth with vintage props and a DIY craft station.

As the night comes to an end, the couple makes a grand exit, surrounded by sparklers and the sound of cheering guests. The hipster outdoor wedding was a true reflection of the couple’s individuality and creativity, and will be remembered by all who attended as a truly special and unforgettable event.

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