Wedding in Corfu Greece

It is something very special, interesting and very nice to participate as a wedding photographer at a wedding in Corfu Greece! I have photographed weddings in dream locations, such as Rome or Venice, Paris and even Sicily, but I never thought I would reach the beautiful Greek island of Corfu.

Holiday location chosen by many British and Romanian tourists, the island is friendly, with accommodation prices, transport and even food for food in or out of restaurants, suitable for any budget. The island people speaks English, and hospitality is good. From hot and very hot up on Celsius Degrees Scale, but I was not on vacation there, but to photograph a wedding of nice people.

How did I get to Corfu Greece?

Initially, Ina and Luci had planned an outdoor wedding, please, in a wedding barn somewhere near Sighisoara, where I photographed before the pandemic an destination wedding very dear to me. Because times have changed, and the wedding location in Transylvania has changed its destination and profile, and now you can really spend your vacation there.

All in all, we met early one morning at Bucharest International Airport, with a new terminal very well set up, but still not as big and busy as the one in Schiphol … maybe one day …

We arrived quite quickly at the destination, where we were hit by a high heat wave, we left at 18 degrees and we reached to 30 🙂 We settled in quite quickly, we stayed, some at the villa where the event took place, others at a large hotel by the sea, we stayed at the Dassia Beach Hotel in the Dassia area. In the evening he caught us on a terrace, and the fresh prepaired fish was good 🙂

Wedding day in Corfu Greece

Preparations, funny stories, make-up, billiards, psychiatry, a dream setting in an excellent location for organizing a wedding in Greece. I let the wedding photos speak for themselves, and penetrate your soul, leaving your imagination to carry you there …

For everything to turn out perfectly, a wedding planner or wedding organizer can help you a lot – so it was in our case Rosmarin Weddings – because it is not easy to organize a wedding from so many kilometers away, from Romania. The surprise was that, among those who provided the tables and chairs, including from the ceremony on the beach, I also found a Romanian woman at work, married to a Greek 🙂 We are everywhere in Europe and not only 🙂

Wedding ceremony on the beach

The ceremony was not a religious one, but a humanistic one, supported by the speech of the best friend of the bride and then of the bride and groom, as covenants of life. Exciting and uplifting, authentic and unique moments, on a beautiful beach!

Bride and Groom Photo Shoot

We also had time for some photos before the wedding in Corfu Greece, on the beach and in the area near the beach, and then we headed with a rented car to the villa where the event took place. There I continued with some wedding photos in a personal style.

Wedding location in Corfu Greece

Choosing a private villa for your holiday or wedding is easy on the island of Corfu, because there are many that offer the area where the party can be organized, as it was in our case. Absolutely gorgeous wedding location in Corfu, from all points of view. The wonderful villa where the wedding was organized is Vila Ren.

A small, intimate wedding I could say, with people from many parts of the world. The wedding is done with people, it is said in my country, and people get married.

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