Wedding Photographer Akureyri

Here I am, an Wedding Photographer Akureyri. Akureyri might not be as famous as other cities such as Reykjavik or Manchester. That does not mean it doesn’t have a charm of its own. Stylish and artistic, the second largest city of Iceland boasts cool cafes, top notch restaurants, beautiful art galleries and a natural view that promises to steal your breath away. 

Positioned at the base of snowcapped mountains, Akureyri is the perfect place for the artistically inclined, the adventurers who want to challenge nature itself and those who want to take a break from monotony and experiment with something new. Moreover, Akureyri is the perfect place for an Iceland wedding. With its beautiful scenery, nestled at the head of Iceland’s longest fjord and boasting a wide variety of suitable venues, the city can be host to your perfect day. However, for that, you need a perfect wedding photographer Akureyri.

Wedding Photographer Akureyri

Getting Married in Iceland

This is where I come to offer my services. I am Rares Ion, a seasoned photographer from Transylvania. During my career I have been fortunate enough to be able to capture on film more than 150 weddings, many of which have made it to popular blogs online. 

I recommend myself as a wedding storyteller, because I wish to do more than just photograph your special day. As your wedding photographer Akureyi, I wish to capture your story, with all the emotions, the mistakes and the silliness that such a day can involve. Laughter, tears, jokes, stumbles, I aim to capture them for the future, with the help of only two black cameras and ambient light. No special effects, no extra, unnecessary editing. Just the real, genuine story as it was meant to be told. I believe my minimalistic, realist style makes me the right wedding photographer Akureyi for your Iceland destination wedding.

I understand a simple presentation is not enough. Therefore, I am always open to receiving questions. Please do not hesitate to contact me through the contact form. 



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