Wedding Photographer Corfu

Whereas Mykonos bursts with life and Thassos is a tourist hub, Corfu is more sedate. The greenest of all Greek islands, Corfu is more rural than most. It is as if humanity had decided to allow nature its growth. The island is filled with olive trees whose growth is aided by torrential rains from September to June. Most tourist activity seems to take place in a few coastal areas. Once inland, the island appears to exist in another era. Corfu is rife with ancient tradition, with spiraling rural roads and landscapes that have not changed for centuries. As such, it is the perfect place for a traditional Greek destination wedding. But for it you need the best wedding photographer Corfu.

Wedding Photographer Corfu

Wedding In Corfu Greece

The perfect place for romantics, Corfu perfectly blends raw nature with ancient tranquility. It is the best place to host a traditional wedding and return to one’s roots. However, capturing the essence of such moments is not as easy. This is where I come into play. My name is Rares Ion. I am a wedding storyteller from Transylvania who favors a minimalistic approach to photography. With my two trusted Nikon cameras, I will use ambient light to immortalize the day in its genuine beauty. My experience spans a wide variety of weddings of different cultures and religious faiths. As a wedding photographer Corfu I will make sure to freeze your special day in time. As such, years down the road, you will be able to relive the same emotions as then.

Corfu offers one of the best stages to hold a wedding. A raw, natural beauty and a history seeped in tradition. So, if you are thinking of tying the knot there and believe me to be the perfect wedding photographer Corfu do not hesitate to contact me. Already looking forward to hearing from you.