Wedding Photographer Cornwall

Land of legend and mystery, Cornwall dazzles even nowadays. It seems to step out from the past itself, preserving its ancient history. The land of magic and bravery, Cornwall is deeply tied to the legends of King Arthur. Cornwall is the home of Tintagel castle and the cave of Merlin. Wherever one walks, it seems that myths follow them. Lush and green, with sprawling beaches and jagged cliffs, Cornwall dazzles with its beauty. Adventurers seek its legendary roots. Romantics seek it to tie the knot. And a wedding photographer Cornwall is always ready to take part in a dazzling photoshoot.

This Celtic land is as west as one can get in the United Kingdom. Since its beginning it has spun its own story, separate from the rest of the island. Its spectacular views have attracted people from far and wide. It is no surprise that a professional photographer in Cornwall would have their share of unique photos. What’s more, the beauty of the land appeals to romantics, making it the perfect place for a wedding. However, a Cornwall photographer needs to be able to keep their subjects as the stars of the photoshoot. This is where I offer my services. My name is Rares Ion and my career paints me as the perfect wedding photographer Cornwall.

Wedding Photographer Cornwall

Getting Married in Cornwall UK

Immortalizing the memories of a wedding day needs care and dedication, both of which I aim to offer. I am a wedding storyteller and my goal is to capture your story in photos. My career has spanned a wide variety of weddings, from different cultures and religious faiths. I have traveled the world, capturing one story at the time. My minimalist style and attention for detail keeps wedding days vivid in recollection for years to come. I use ambient light to bring to the forefront the true emotions of the elopement. The joy, the laughter, the nervous jitters and the relieved happiness at the end.

If you believe this makes me the perfect wedding storyteller Cornwall for you, do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to your messages.