Wedding Photographer Crete

Home to many ancient Greek myths, Crete remains one of the country’s most mysterious locations. It has been called in many ways by travelers. A charming harbor lingering in the Mediterranean Sea. A mosaic of beautiful beaches and ancient treasures. A vibrant settlement brimming with bustling cities and rustic villages. Overall, Crete remains one of Greek’s most beautiful islands. Its beauty has inspired many artists and its cuisine led many gourmet fans to its shores. What’s more, Crete’s beauty is perfect for special events. Its scenery and ethereal charms make it perfect for birthday parties, engagements and even weddings. However, for such a special occasion, you need a wedding photographer Crete.

Wedding Photographer Crete

Destination Wedding Crete

A Crete destination wedding demands much care and planning. Hosting the event on an island is not as easy as it might seem. Moreover, immortalizing the wedding day without eclipsing either the joy of the participants or the scenery is not an easy feat. This is where I step in. My name is Rares Ion and I am a wedding photographer from Transylvania. My career has so far spanned a wide variety of locations and cultures. I have captured weddings of various religious faiths such as orthodox, catholic, Jewish, protestant etc. It is this experience that marks me as the perfect wedding photographer Crete. 

My preferred style is a minimalist one. Also, I make use of a pair of Nikon cameras and ambient light to capture the genuine moment. With no filters or special effects, I aim to tell the true story of your wedding day. In this way, decades from now, you will be able to relive the same memories. I want to capture the raw emotions of the day, the joy, the laughter, the tears. An I also aim to make sure your wedding day is unforgettable.

If I have convinced you I am the best wedding photographer Crete, do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to your messages.