Wedding Photographer Cyprus

Cyprus is one of the oldest civilizations in the Mediterranean Sea. Its long history and rich culture spans approximately 10000 years. It is an island rooted in the ancient past. Here modern amenities meet in perfect symbiosis with compelling history. Half veiled in myth, with ancient riches buried in its soil, Cyprus does not fail to amaze. Also, travelers from all over the world wish to discover its secrets. Moreover, the differences between the Greek and Turkish Cypriot cultures is engaging to discover. Its uniqueness makes Cyprus a beloved travelling location. What’s more, getting married in Cyprus is now very popular. However, for a perfect Cyprus wedding you need an amazing wedding photographer Cyprus.

Cyprus is known for its sandy beaches and mystic past. So, its beauty is unparalleled and makes it perfect as a wedding venue. However, finding a photographer in Cyprus might be tricky. This is where I make my introduction. I am Rares Ion, a wedding photographer and storyteller from Transylvania. My career spans several years and a wide variety of weddings. Even more, I have immortalized elopements of various cultures and religious faiths. Due to my work, many of my photoshoots have also made it to popular wedding blogs. As a result, it is this experience that marks me as a great wedding photographer Cyprus.

Wedding Photographer Cyprus


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My preferred style is a minimalist one. First of all, I make use of a pair of DSLR cameras and ambient light to capture the genuine moment. In this way I observe the real story of the day without altering it. Certainly, my photo shoot will immortalize the raw emotions, the joy, the laughter and the tears. Also, in this way you will be able to relive them decades later.

Seems like I have convinced you I am the best wedding photographer Cyprus do not hesitate to contact me. Therefore, I look forward to your messages.