Wedding Photographer Glacier Lagoon

Welcome to my page, you’ve met your Wedding Photographer Glacier Lagoon. There are many places in the world where it seems that nature took a brush and painted a canvas, one that humanity would never be able to touch. Iceland, with its beautiful landscapes and wild nature, is one such place. However, perhaps the most beautiful place in the entirety of Iceland is the Glacier Lagoon, one of the untamed miracles of nature in this world. The lagoon formed only recently, caused by the warming climate, but it created a spectaculars view. One place of natural perfection and a wonderful location for an unforgettable wedding.

Perfect for the adventurous and whimsical alike, the Glacier Lagoon is a location of breath-taking beauty. Anyhow, not anyone can capture such a landscape, while at the same time making sure it does not eclipse the beauty of a wedding day. If getting married in Iceland is your dream, then you need the best wedding photographer for Glacier Lagoon you can find.

Wedding Photographer Glacier Lagoon

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My name is Rares Ion. A wedding photographer from Transylvania who specializes in wedding storytelling. Maybe you might find the title an odd one, but my desire is to do more than capture images of your wedding. I wish to bring a story to life, your story. And make sure you will be able to recall it fondly years and years down the road. Using two black cameras, a minimalist approach and the ambient light at my disposal, I seek to catch on film all the little human moments of a wedding. The laughter, the tears, the moments of clumsiness and the side glances, all the small parts that have shaped your special day.

Iceland is a beautiful backdrop for a wedding, and the Glacier Lagoon even more so. My promise to you is to be the best wedding photographer for Glacier Lagoon. Make sure your photographs will capture the genuine emotions of the event, making no use of special effects or overabundant editing. So far, I have managed to capture more than 150 weddings, many of which have appeared in popular wedding blogs.

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