Wedding Photographer Greece

Nestled between the Ionic and the Aegean Sea lies Greece, one of the ancient cradles of civilization. A country of stunning beauty, bustling with culture, history, natural beauty and modern-day ingenuity. Greece remains one of the top spot places for traveling. Between natural lagoons, crystal blue waters, relics of yonder times and towering mountains. Greece offers a little something for every traveler. Adventurers, artists, writers, travel enthusiasts and even business people will be able to enjoy their sojourn and will not lack for things to do in this country. What’s more, with its stunning scenic beauty and romantic atmosphere, there can be no better place for a Greek wedding. The country offers the best setting for it, but any such special day requires a great wedding photographer Greece. Getting married in Greece is a beautiful dream.

In a place where natural beauty meets antique charm one needs to be able to make sure the scenery does not eclipse the wedding day. This is where I come in. My name is Rares Ion and I am a wedding storyteller. With the help of my trusty black cameras I aim to make use of a minimalistic approach. The perfect wedding photographer Greece for you.

Wedding Photographer Greece

I Am A Destination Wedding Photographer

Spanning years of practice and experience, I have had the opportunity to capture more than 150 weddings in all sorts of diverse locations: destination wedding in Rome, wedding in Paris or wedding in Munich. Many of these have later made their way on famous wedding blogs. However, what is more important, is that each of these photo shoots tells a story, the story of a couple’s special day. I seek to capture the veridity of the wedding, without special effects or edits. Simply a moment captured in time, the moment when a new life, together, begins in all its genuine beauty, including as a result, the laughter and the tears. 


Of course, I understand a description might not provide enough information to help you make up your mind. Therefore, if you believe I might be the right wedding photographer Greece for you and would like to find out more, do not hesitate to contact me. So, I am always delighted to answer your questions!