Wedding Photographer Lefkada

Lefkada island is one of the gems of Greece, a beautiful location that is still connected to the continent through a narrow causeway. It is one of the few Greek islands that you can drive to and can be reached through an underwater tunnel. Even so, Lefkada still remains a place of natural beauty, that tourism barely touched. The beautiful hills of Lefkada hide tiny villages strewn across them and dazzling olive groves. Moreover, the sandy beaches just beckon you to swim, even though the scenery has been marred by recent earthquakes. All in all, the island oozes charm and serenity, inviting you to stop at one of the many Lefkada hotels. What’s more, it’s the perfect stopping point for a wedding photographer Lefkada.

Wedding Photographer Lefkada

Lefkada Wedding

With its perfect blend between past and present, Greece is a favored location for a weeding. The natural scenery creates the right backdrop for such a special day and the joyfulness of the locals will only add charm to the atmosphere. However, a weeding needs the right photographer and here is where I step in. My name is Rares Ion and my experience marks me as the best wedding photographer Lefkada. I have had the chance to capture more than 150 weddings in various locations. My style is minimalistic, taking advantage of natural light and capturing your special day in all its genuine brilliance. No filters, no special effects, merely the joyful moments immortalized in your photos. 

I call myself a wedding storyteller because I wish to tell a story, specifically yours. Through my photography I aim to keep the memory of your wedding alive years and years down the road. You will be able to relive those emotions whenever you wish simply by looking back at the past. 

If you think I might be the right wedding photographer Lefkada for you, I look forward to your messages. Thank you!