Wedding Photographer Mykonos

Greece hides many wonders across its territory. Quiet, wild places like Samothraki. Islands bursting with ancient history and culture like Santorini. Retreats where the mountain meets the sea, perfect for families, such as Thassos. But one place in particular stands out. The heart of the party when it comes to Cycladic Islands, Mykonos is Ibiza’s Greek counterpart. The island is the perfect place to have fun and enjoy yourself well past nightfall. Peppered with nightclubs, celebrities and white sand, Mykonos is unique among the other Greek islands. Its eccentricity makes it perfect for a Greek destination wedding. But in the wildly popular island, a wedding photographer Mykonos is not easy to find.

Wedding Photographer Mykonos

Destination Wedding in Mykonos

Mykonos is the place where natural beauty perfectly meets modern convenience. Its sandy white beaches and crystal blue waters make a perfect background for a wedding photo shoot. However, you need someone to make sure this beauty does not eclipse the wedding day itself. My name is Rares Ion and I am a wedding photographer from Transylvania. Doing a minimalistic approach when it comes to photography. This allows me to pay homage to natural beauty, but also keep you at the forefront. As a wedding photographer Mykonos I will make sure your special day is immortalized in a genuine and heartfelt way.  

I call myself a wedding storyteller and the reason is simple. Throughout my career I have aimed to immortalize more than just images. I wished to capture the real story of wedding days and the emotions associated with them. With the help of nature, through scenery and ambient light, I will make sure the photos you receive will make you smile even decades later. 

If you believe I am the best wedding photographer Mykonos, please contact me! Yes, I always look forward to requests and inquiries.