Wedding Photographer Oslo

You already found your perfect wedding venue in Oslo, and the things are about to become clearer than before. Getting married in Oslo was your dream, and now it is a fact. All you need is the best Wedding Photographer Oslo to capture your visual legacy.

Here I am, Rares Ion is my name. I live in a beautiful area in Transylvania, actually only half day away from Oslo. The period of choosing a local wedding photographer is long gone, trust me or ask your married friends. I captured weddings all over Europe, and Oslo Norway is on my checklist. Be my guest and browse my wedding photography portfolio, get some inspiration and hopefully you’ll book me as your Wedding Photographer Oslo.

Wedding Photographer Oslo

The Best Wedding Photographer Oslo

Well, I don’t describe myself as the best wedding photographer Oslo. I am a simple man, a minimalist one, a father, a husband, coffee lover and dedicated wedding storyteller. Therefore, and only if you love my style, I could be the best wedding photographer Oslo for YOU. My only desire is to capture the unseen moments and to deliver them in my pictures. it will be your visual legacy in time.

Travleling and capturing stories for my clients delivered me unforgettable experiences. Jewish wedding, island wedding, beach wedding, mountain wedding, chalet wedding, castle wedding and the list is quite long… Incredible and unique stories, most of them published on some of the best wedding blogs and magazines in the world. I am so grateful for all this opportunities given me in the last years. I know you’ll book me for your wedding and for what is about to be said regarding your story. Sincerely, I am eager to do it, so please send me a message to get the journey started.