Wedding Photographer Paphos

There are many places in the world where ancient history bleeds into modern times. The Aztec Ruins of Mexico, the Pyramids of Egypt, Stonehenge and the wide expanse of Greece. In these places antiquity left its mark for all coming generations to see. Another such place, perhaps less famous but no less beautiful is Paphos. A mesmerizing glimpse into history, Paphos was the European Capital of Culture in 2017. This settlement in Cyprus is famous for its medieval baths, catacombs and acres of history. It is no surprise that romantics would wish to hold a Paphos wedding on its soil. However, for that, they need a wedding photographer Paphos.

Paphos is the place where beautiful resorts unite with the ancient past. The gorgeous countryside and sporting activities attract many travelers to the city. What’s more, the locals are friendly and known for the fabled Cypriot hospitality. It is no surprise Paphos is the perfect place for a romantic wedding. However, finding the perfect photographer is not an easy feat. This is where I step in. My name is Rares Ion and I am a wedding photographer from Transylvania. My long, multicultural career marks me as the perfect wedding photographer Paphos.

Wedding Photographer Paphos

Destination Wedding Photographer

Throughout the years I have captured more than 150 weddings. My style is minimalistic, relying on nature and ambient light. Therefore, my focus falls on the wedding day itself and the emotions evoked by it. I aim to freeze in time the tiny moments that will matter so much decades down the road. Tears, laughter, joy, jokes and even slight hiccups that can always occur. In this way I will paint a genuine story of your wedding day. The memories will remain fresh and clear, as vivid in the future as they are in the present.

If you would believe I am the best wedding photographer Paphos for you, do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to your messages.