Wedding Photographer Rhodes

Home to one of the marvels of the Ancient World, Rhodes is still an island rooted in antiquity. The biggest Dodecanese island, Rhodes is known for its beaches and wooden valleys. The island is perhaps the most diverse of all Greek islands. Everyone can find something here. Nightlife, culture, sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, all meet in Rhodes. However, perhaps the most important, is the ability to journey to past civilizations. From Antiquity to the Byzantine Empire and even to present times, Rhodes has it all. It is no surprise that romantics often opt for a Rhodes beach wedding. But this event requires the existence of a wedding photographer Rhodes.

A Rhodes wedding has the capacity to blend the old with the new. It can symbolize a new beginning while paying homage to the long-lost past. Brimming with ancient history, the island provides plentiful opportunities for themes and scenery. However, not any wedding photographer Rhodes can capture all this without eclipsing the wedding itself. Here is where I offer my services. 

Wedding Photographer Rhodes

Rhodes Beach Wedding?

I am Rares Ion, a wedding storyteller from Transylvania. My career spans many years and a wide variety of weddings for different cultures and religious faiths. With over a hundred weddings photographed, I have traveled across Europe, capturing the genuine story of each couple. I prefer a minimalist approach. As such I use ambient light to immortalize the real moment without resorting to special effects. My aim is to capture the real story of your wedding in Greece. Also, I wish to allow you to revisit it years down the road and relive the emotions of the moment. This marks me as the right wedding photographer Rhodes. In a place as brimming with history, it is easy to get lost in the surroundings. However, I aim to pay homage to them, while allowing you to shine. In this way your wedding day will live forever as an unforgettable event.

If I have convinced you I am the right person for this event, do not hesitate to contact me. Already looking forward to your messages.