Wedding Photographer Scotland

Legend and myth come alive in the rolling hills of Scotland. The home of lovely cities and nature, Scotland is one of the brightest places in the United Kingdom. The sun can be seen shinning at the horizon even on cloudy days. With spectacular architecture, tasty seafood, enchanting wildlife and a lot of secrets to uncover, the land beckons travelers every year. Tourism booms in Scotland and people from all over the world gather to see its sights every year. What’s more, thanks to its hospitable people, the land is perfect for a Scotland wedding. However, for that you need a wedding photographer Scotland.

Getting the best Scottish wedding photos is no easy feat. The land itself demands to be the star of any photoshoot. Beautiful nature and dazzling wildlife threaten to overwhelm even the loveliest wedding photoshoot. This is where I come into play. My name is Rares Ion and I am a wedding photographer from Transylvania. My career spans a wide variety of weddings and locations, making me the perfect wedding photographer Scotland. I have managed to immortalize weddings of all religious faiths: Jewish, Catholic, Orthodox, etc. My career has made me travel from the vivacious rural settlements of Romania to the charming cities of the West. All these make me the best Scotland photographer for you.

Wedding Photographer Scotland

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My preferred style is a minimalist one. With the aid of two Nikon cameras I seek to capture the genuine moment. in cloncusion, I wish to immortalize the reality of your wedding day without edits and special effects. In this way I shall be able to keep your story alive decades down the road. The same emotions will be revisited in the future and found as powerful as ever. 

If I have convinced you I am the best wedding photographer Scotland for you, do not hesitate to contact me. Already looking forward to your message.