Wedding Photographer Skogafoss

Elopement in Iceland or looking for a Wedding Photographer Skogafoss? Nature has given birth to many works of beauty all over the world. From canyons to lakes, from caverns to deltas, Mother Nature shaped the world to wow and amaze all those who seek to discover her. However, there aren’t many places in the world more beautiful than Skógafoss. With a drop of 60 feet and crystalline waters, this Icelandic waterfall attracts thousands of tourists every year, all amazed by its beauty. The fall of the water also creates amazing rainbows that can be see during sunny days. Skógafoss is the center of many legends as well, from buried treasures to mythical fairytales. A perfect place for romantic people, Skógafoss’s water drops and dazzling rainbows make it perfect as a wedding location.

However, getting married in Iceland brings with itself a number of hassles. First of all, you need to find the perfect wedding photographer Skógafoss. Iceland is a slightly untampered land, mingling the beauty of modern day developments with the raw, dazzling power of nature. In order for your wedding photographs to look perfect, you need a photographer that can keep you at the forefront of the event. While at the same time paying homage to nature. This is where I come in. My name is Rares Ion and I am a seasoned wedding photographer from Transylvania. My experience spans more than 150 weddings all over the world. A fact that makes me the perfect wedding photographer Skógafoss. 


Wedding Photographer Skogafoss

Iceland Wedding?

I make use of two black cameras and a minimalistic style in order to make sure your wedding photographs paint a vivid and genuine story of your special day. Taking advantage of ambient light and with no special effects, I am able to evoke the veridity of your wedding day and capture it perfectly. So, that years and years down the road you will be able to look upon it fondly. Memories may fade, but the images captured that day will always linger.

If I have convinced you I am the perfect wedding photographer Skógafoss and would like for us to work together, please do not hesitate to contact me. Always happy to hear from you!

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