Wedding Photographer Surrey

Surrey is one of the more sedate areas neighboring London. The county is probably best known for its mention in Harry Potter, as being the home of the Dursley Family. Quiet and quaint, Surrey is perfect for those looking for peace. It is made of sprawling towns and suburbs. Further on, away from the noisy motorway, Surrey makes place for beautiful landscapes. The scenery has been immortalized in the works of Jane Austen and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Romantics can find in Surrey a beautiful venue for a wedding. And a wedding photographer Surrey is sure to be needed.

Wedding Photographer Surrey

Getting Married in Surrey

Green and peaceful, the county isn’t the most popular in England, but it is lovely. Surrey wedding venues can be found with little fuss even by demanding couples. What’s more, given the feel of the area, natural wedding photographers will love the opportunity of a photoshoot. And I am one such photographer. My name is Rares Ion and I am a wedding storyteller from Transylvania. My career has spanned a wide variety of countries and international wedding venues. It is this experience that paints me as the perfect wedding photographer Surrey.

In a quaint county like Surrey, wedding photography can be tricky. The aim is use the natural beauty of the area and capture the liveliness of the day. After all, couples will wish to revisit the memories and emotions of their special day. By taking advantage of natural light and the ambient, I aim to do just that. I paint a story, your story, told through each captured photograph. I immortalize the genuine feelings and actions, the laughter and the tears. On the backdrop of a rural English setting, your special day will seem magical and unforgettable. In this way, you will think back to your wedding day even decades in the future.

I hope I have captured your attention. If you think I am the best wedding photographer Surrey, do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to your messages.