Wedding Photographer Videy Island

You are looking for an Wedding Photographer Videy Island for your destination wedding Iceland? Reykjavik might be the most well-known place in Iceland, but that does not mean it is the country’s only gem. Just a stone toss away from the capital lies Videy Island. A stunning gem surrounded by natural beauty, bustling with culture and brimming with bird-life. The perfect place for nature enthusiasts, history buffs and adventurers worldwide, Videy Island holds the ruins of one of the country’s oldest churches and is the home of Videy House, the first stone construction in Iceland. 

The island stands in the middle of nature, surrounded by water on all sides. However, its historical roots do not mean the island has not dabbled in modernity as well. Videy Island boasts spectacular art pieces that make it stand out from the norm and paint it as a stellar location for an Iceland elopement. No wedding can be completed without a wedding photographer Videy Island.

Wedding Photographer Videy Island

Destination Wedding Iceland

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Rares Ion, a wedding photographer from Transylvania. My career has spanned numerous years, giving me the opportunity to capture more than 150 weddings on camera. Many of my weddings are presented on famous wedding blogs. My aim is to act as a wedding storyteller, capturing the story of your special day on film and immortalizing it for years to come. Having decided to give up on special effects and edits, I prefer a minimalistic style, making use of ambient light and two black cameras to capture the genuine experience. Also, to offer you a different experience in my capacity of wedding photographer Videy Island. 

Surrounded by flowing waters and snowcapped mountains, the island is a natural paradise and a location of raw beauty. In a place as untamed and beautiful as the rest of Iceland, I believe my minimalist style recommends me as the perfect wedding photographer Videy Island. I am able to keep you at the forefront of each photo. In the same time capturing the vividness and raw beauty of the natural landscape.

I am always happy to hear from you. If are planning your perfect Iceland wedding and have any questions for me, please don’t hesitate to fill the contact form.

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