Wedding Photographer Zakynthos

One of the pearls of Greece, Zakynthos has long been known for its natural beauty. The island is also known by its Italian name Zante. Apart from its beautiful sandy beaches, Zakynthos also boasts thriving nature. Forest wilderness and beautiful rural villages pepper the regions further inland. However, the true highlight of the island are the limestone cliffs plunging in the crystal blue waters. Zakynthos has always attracted travelers and it is no surprise the island booms with tourism. The island is not only perfect for adventurers and bohemian romantics. Many people love getting married in Zakynthos. However, no true Greek wedding can be complete without a wedding photographer Zakynthos.

Wedding Photographer Zakynthos

Zakynthos Wedding

If you are planning a Zakynthos wedding, then you must be in need of a photographer. This is why I come to offer my services. My name is Rares Ion and I am a photographer from Transylvania. My experience spans more than 150 weddings held in various locations around Europe. Many of them have also been featured on popular wedding blogs. I favor a minimalistic approach and make use of only two black cameras. Backed up by ambient light, I prefer the genuine experience over special effects and editing. This marks me the perfect wedding photographer Zakynthos in a place bursting with natural beauty such as Zakynthos.

I aim to capture the real beauty of your wedding day. I will immortalize the tiny, important moments, of joy and tears, laughter and excitement. The crinkle in your eyes and the way your hands rise in exuberance. This will allow me to freeze the story of your special day in time. And in turn you will be able to revisit and relieve it years and years down the road. 

If you believe I am the right wedding photographer Zakynthos for you, do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to your messages.