Random Wedding Photos of 2017 (some of them unpublished before) and some interesting true facts downpage

Short Story of 2017:

First year with 43 flights, some car rental and Uber, and 81 days apart from my family, no fishing and just one bike trip.

More than 30 couples trusted me, and I am so thankful. 6 new countries, 132859 clicks, 24968 pictures delivered.

2 Conferences as a speaker, 47 students on my wedding photography workshops and 1:1 coaching sessions.

Changed lenses and cameras this year, so the lens of the 2017 for me is the 58mm.

I booked weddings from Twiter, Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook but mostly from here. Oh, well… Twitter and Linkedin? Great!!

I’ve been danced by a bride, I gaved away a trunk of shoes and clothes and I feel good.

Man of the year for me is my son (we checked two big concerts this year, Dream Theater and Depeche Mode), band of the year is Anathema and TV Series is Dark.

I already feel so grateful and happy for 2018, too.