Well, I was just a normal child but a passionate storyteller as long as I remember, and I do remember Disco and Black&White TV sets. I wanted to be a soldier, a hunter and even Winetou, but I was ending up working in Radio, Telecom and Banking. Had long hair and played in several rock bands, too. Got married and that was the first time I was thinking to make a living from photography.



I really believe that there are a lot of good photographers doing classic or standard stuff very good, so I am more into natural and authentic non directed style.

I love to travel, and spend time with my family. I’m just a normal guy with 2 black cameras, but I feel blessed for this life. Photography is freedom and shared happines. That is my why.

We do not become, we simply are.

My first contact with a Zenith camera (which I broke) was before I was going to elementary school, but it was nothing to me untill 2004 when I purchased a Fuji small camera. A lot of flies and flowers, couple of weeks. Than …nada.

And now I own some black gear carefuly chosen for light travels, and I enjoy every moment I am photographing a wedding, because after many years, I really do what I need to do. And everything is black because I’m a rocker.

I am so grateful for being featured on some of the most important wedding blogs in the world, but I really know you are interested in what I can create on your wedding day, and I’ll give 200% in your story.