Wedding Storyteller | Romania

Wedding storyteller is who I am. A simple man with two black cameras. Maybe blessed with photographic vision. A friend, a father and a husband. Minimalist, coffee lover and Netflix fan. I sometimes ride my bicycle and go flyfishing .

Wedding Storytelling

My way about wedding is simple.
Every wedding is an experiment. Out of the standard, fashion or trend.
A wedding is a real story. It is always about you.

Not coming with a list of  frames. Not following any. I do not arrange my subjects or direct them. Also I prefer to capture what is going on. You’ll have images able to connect the viewer with time. The story will show the wedding day as I saw it.

My style is wedding photography. I focus on the story. Not vintage, no classic, just wedding photography.

More Details

Following natural light until the night comes, and even after dark. Chasing the lights of candles and bulbs. That gives my photography an authentic, intimate and profound feeling.

Also, no time limited packages, travel taxes is included, and no extra costs. Not special requests. I only need good light and relaxed schedule to deliver photos as you can see it on my portfolio. You can also have unique designed and handcrafted wedding albums.

How People See Me

As a true fact, I asked my clients, photographers and brides to be, how they see me and my vision. Most often seen words are: creatively different, relaxed, human, trustful, honest and fun.

I only want to create and capture your visual legacy.

Feel free to contact me now: | +40743341064


Most of my wedding stories were published in some of the bestl weddings blog in the world.

Even with that, I know my clients will book me for what I will capture on their wedding.


I captured more than 100 stories since 2011. Different culture and religion, indoor or outdoor locations. It is always about you.

I will travel mostly in Europe this year.  You should ask for my travel plans. Much easier to book me, or maybe to have a good coffee together.