Wedding Storyteller 

I promised myself to be a genuine wedding storyteller; since the very beginning of my journey in the photography world, I promised myself to be different. It’s true; I am just a simple man. A simple man with two black cameras, a mind full of ideas, aspirations and a deep passion for wedding photography. But give me a moment to tell you what I actually do.

Why I’m Calling Myself A Wedding Storyteller? 

Whenever the word ‘storytelling’ is mentioned, several ears and minds are piqued. The thoughts of enthralling the couple are always on my mind as a wedding storyteller. Wedding storytelling involves portraying the images of the couple before their wedding and during the wedding; all the preparations, the walking down the aisle, the shared kisses before friends and family, and the moment when their new life begins. All these experiences are captured and displayed. 

A genuine wedding storyteller captures images that the couples are unaware of, the actions, expressions, tears, jokes, emotions are all the work of a wedding storyteller photographer. So, let me introduce myself a little bit better.

Who Is Rares Ion?

To keep it short and sweet, I would have to say that I am a friend, a father, and a husband. A minimalist enthusiast (a quite proud one), a die-hard coffee lover and a Netflix fan. I told you, I am simple, just like everyone else, but also, I’d confidently say that maybe I was also blessed with a photographic vision. And when I am not capturing special moments on camera, I like to ride my bicycle and go fly-fishing because in some mysterious way I find inspiration doing these things as well. Since 2019 I am also a part of husband and wife photo studio located in my city, Cluj-Napoca.



Most of my wedding stories were published in some of the best weddings blogs in the world.

Even with that, I know my clients will book me for what I will capture on their wedding.

Wedding Storytelling – How It Works?

I am a minimalistic photographer, a lover of simple designs and styles in photography. As a wedding photographer, it’s easy to create a long-lasting bond with my clients because all the experiences we share are always fun and friendly. I never see my clients as a “customer”, but as friends with the aim of giving them something special to revisit over and over and relive their different emotions at their peace. 

Wedding Storytelling brings out the very best in me and enables my clients to see me for who I honestly am – a highly creatively distinct person, calm and composed, truthful, trustworthy, honest and fun to be with. These and many more are the qualities observed in me by my clients (because I always ask, and that is not me being nosy but willing to reach the best version of myself in my work). 

With my experience as a photographer, I had the opportunity to capture several couples with different personalities. Understanding different characters and still providing unique and creative wedding storytelling that will be appreciated by each couple is a skill that shouldn’t be overlooked. Maybe it will sound like I’m bragging, but I do have my ways to break the ice and blend into the crowd making everybody present feeling comfortable and expressing themselves as natural as possible.

Still, What Is Different About Me?

As a wedding photographer, I provide my clients with images of their moments of joyful tears, cheers, fun, love, happiness, and emotions making them wonder when most of the shots were taken (unaware posing) since the couple was engrossed in the event. The surprise on their faces is just priceless for me as a creator of stories on camera. 

I provide my clients with simple work; nothing is staged that might cause any form of dishonesty to arise. 

Just remember that weddings ceremonies are to be enjoyed to the fullest. And the best way of recapturing every moment of that exciting day, over and over again is by allowing a Wedding Storyteller to handle the photography of your wedding. This helps the couple to bond continually and reminiscing about those good moments. 


I captured more than 200 stories since 2011. Different culture and religion, indoor or outdoor locations. It is always about you.

I will travel mostly in Europe this year.  You should ask for my travel plans. Much easier to book me, or maybe to have a good coffee together.


Important Details

I need to stress the fact that I do not limit my clients to premade packages nor I check my watch constantly to get it over with. I am there for you, by your side every step of the way to make sure that you will get your full story without missing pieces. Moreover, all travel taxes are included, and there are no extra costs or fees, or special request that would make you uncomfortable. All I need is a good light, you being as relaxed as possible and a bit of flexibility concerning photo delivery. 

Every wedding is an experiment. Out of the standard, fashion or trend. Not coming with a list of  frames. Not following any. I do not arrange my subjects or direct them. Also I prefer to capture what is going on. You’ll have images able to connect the viewer with time. The story will show the wedding day as I saw it. Following natural light until the night comes, and even after dark. Chasing the lights of candles and bulbs. That gives my photography an authentic, intimate and profound feeling.

Want To Learn More?

Interested in creating simple but unique storytelling for your wedding or a loved one, please check out more of my wedding portfolio and dual session albums to see if my style suits your needs. Here you can find some things about the unique hand crafted wedding album.

Is your wedding around the corner, and you need a wedding storyteller? Or do you know of a friend’s wedding day that’s soon to come and you want to gift him or her a unique experience?

Feel free to contact me now

I can’t wait to hear your story and let the camera lenses craft the best memories that you will ever have!