I am glad and grateful you consider my wedding photography style and get in touch. I will be honoured to share my vision and my passion on your wedding day. I’ll be more than happy to photodocument your story anywhere in the world, in the backyard barn, in the woods or sea shore, it will be a great opportunity to tell your story in images.

Because I want to mantain a personal approach to every wedding I will photodocument, you must know that I can only book a limited number of weddings every year. Please introduce yourself in the next form, in the best way you can. Make me want to photograph your wedding!

IMPORTANT: If you do not get my answer in 48 hours (please check your SPAM / BULK folders, too), it means something went wrong, so please contact me on my phone asap. Thanks!



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April | Bratislava Slovakia, Vien Austria
May | Bucharest Romania, Larnaca Cyprus
June | Cluj, Sibiu, Oradea Romania
July | Baia Mare, Bucharest Romania Palermo Sicily
August | Bucharest, Brasov, Cluj Romania
September | Cluj, Bucharest, Targu Mures, Iasi Romania
October | Marisel, Cluj, Bucharest Romania | Stockholm Sweeden
November | Satu Mare, Galati, Romania, Berlin Germany
December | Lisbon Portugal


February | Zagreb, Croatia
March | Barcelona, Spain
June | Austria, Penk, Salzburg