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Essex is known for having a dual reputation. Though scorned by many Englishmen, the land’s beauty has captured the attention of many painters. Its medieval villages and rolling hills point back to the long-lost past. History left its imprint over Essex, making the county unique in the British Isles. The historical town of Colchester still attracts tourists longing to discover the mysteries of the past. Moreover, the picturesque Southend-on-Sea dazzles everyone with its rolling waves and sprawling beach. Essex seems to hold a little bit of everything. Romantic and quaint, the county has attracted many couples wishing to tie the knot. But no Essex wedding can be successful without a wedding photographer Essex.

Between its lovely villages, rolling hills and seaside towns, the county offers a wide variety of sceneries. Essex wedding venues can be found with ease, all of them promising a memorable experience. Moreover, the unique atmosphere of the county will aid to the overall beauty of a wedding day. The area’s picturesque views offers the opportunity for creative and natural photography.  However, not any wedding photographer Essex can capture such a day with ease. 

Wedding Photographer Essex

Wedding Photographer in UK

This is where I offer my services. My name is Rares Ion and I am a wedding storyteller from Transylvania. My passion for minimalist photography has made me develop a varied career throughout the years. I have had the opportunity to capture the wedding days of over 150 couples. These events have helped me discover a multitude of religious faiths and cultures. Throughout it all I aimed to tell stories. The story of each couple and each wedding day. I attempted to immortalize the beauty of their genuine emotions. In this way, the couples will be able to relive their wedding day even when they are old and wrinkled. My clients are always place on the highest order of priority as I want to enrich their special day. 

If you would like to find out more about me and my skills as a wedding photographer Essex, do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to reading your messages.